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Flights from Continental Europe to Southern Spain

Airports in Spain
The main airport for the Costa del Sol is Malaga, there are also some flights to Gibraltar from London, Manchester and Liverpool.
The main airport for the Costa del La Luz is Faro for the northern Huelva golfing area. Seville serves the whole coast and Jerez is in the heart of the southern golfing area.
Malaga also has good road connections to the Southern part of the Costa de la Luz.
Some services may be seasonal.

This table should be taken as a guide only as airlines often open new routes and close others.
From To
Vienna Faro, Jerez, Malaga
Brussels Faro, Jerez, Malaga, Seville.
Liege & Ostend Malaga
Aarhus & Aalborg Malaga
Copenhagen & Billund Faro, Malaga
Beauvais, Le Havre, Lyon, Metz Nancy Faro
Bordeaux, Marseille, Paris Faro, Malaga, Seville.
Dijon & Dijon Malaga
Lille Faro, Malaga
Nantes Seville
Rennes Faro
Toulouse Malaga, Seville
Helsinki Faro, Malaga
Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich & Stuttgart Faro, Jerez, Malaga
Bremen & Groningen Malaga,
Cologne, Memmingen & Munster Faro, Malaga
Dresden, Paderborn, Leipzig, Luebeck Faro
Dusseldorf Faro, Jerez, Malaga, Seville
Hanover & Hamburg Faro, Jerez, Malaga
Nurenburg & Osnabruck Faro
Amsterdam & Eindhoven Faro, Malaga, Seville
Maastricht & Rotterdam Faro, Malaga
Ancona, Bari, Cagliari & Palermo Seville
Bologna, Rome, Pisa & Venice Malaga, Seville
Milan Faro, Malaga, Seville
Luxembourg Faro, Jerez, Malaga
Oslo Faro, Malaga
Stavanger, Tampere, & Trondheim Malaga
Lisbon Faro, Malaga, Seville
Oporto Faro
Gothenberg Malaga
Stockholm Faro, Malaga, Seville
Basle & Zurich Malaga, Seville
Geneva Malaga
Flights within Spain
Alicante & Bilbao Faro, Malaga, Seville
Almeria, La Corunna, Lanzarotte, Vigo Seville
Asturias, Teneriffe & Zaragoza Malaga, Seville
Barcelona & Madrid Faro, Jerez, Malaga, Seville
Grand Canaria, Ibiza, Valencia Faro, Malaga, Seville
Jerez, Malaga, Menorca Faro
Palma Faro, Seville
Santander & Santiago de Compostelo Seville
Valladolid Malaga


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